Insider Ownership & Filings

Insider Ownership & Filings
Name Relationship / Title Current Shares Trading Activity
armitage, carol b Director 60,063 View
beall, samuel e iii Director 63,757 View
diefenderfer, jeannie Director 52,899 View
eichler, john c Officer 65,971 View
fletcher, john p Officer 330,351 View
gunderman, robert e. Officer 203,857 View
hinson, jeffrey t. Director 56,554 View
laperch, william g Director 47,386 View
laque, larry Director 52,899 View
levine, layne Officer 707,548 View
moody, kristi Officer 56,735 View
shimer, julie ann Director 108,413 View
small, jeffery w. Officer 74,931 View
stoll, marc f Director 41,070 View
stoltz, michael g. Director 67,719 View
thomas, anthony w Officer 627,571 View
turek, walter Director 46,984 View
wells, alan l Director 182,971 View

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NASDAQ win 1.57

Volume 5,270,950
Change 0.27 (20.77%)
Day Low/High 1.32 - 1.58

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